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 legit's mod/admin app!

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itz legit

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PostSubject: legit's mod/admin app!   Sun Jan 16, 2011 10:15 pm

First Name :josh
Last Name :santiago
Age :17
Postion for staff (ex: moderator) :moderator/admin
Why do you want to become staff :i would loveto become staff becuase i have the experierience and could have the server have alot of players. i have ben a donor/mod/admin/co/owner. i promise u i will not dissapoint u i hope you can trust me@! Very Happy
Any previous website jobs (Must provide website, will find out if true!) : i have not ben in any website jobs, sorry D:
Aim: sorry, i don't have one i can make one if you would like same with the other ones Smile

other info: i promise not to dissapoint you.i will advertise and help you with anything. ill help every player that needs help and keep the server active and full of AWSOME FUN.

wish me luck Embarassed
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legit's mod/admin app!
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