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 Post Suggestions Here!(:

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PostSubject: Post Suggestions Here!(:   Fri Jul 09, 2010 8:26 pm

Nobody else made a topic for suggestions, so I did:D Hopefully, everyone just posts suggestions here so that it stays organized. I'm not a mod or anything, but I wanna help the site.

Okay, so here are a couple of suggestions of mine;

-Spell "suggestions" correctly in the name for this forum

-Have sort of a live feed type of thing for the most recent topics on the homepage [i.e. Go to The Tech Game and look at the box scrolling with the last 20 topics.]

-Make the font in the "Bad Kidz" logo larger, as it would look better

-Make the logo a little bit smaller and make the icons for the forums, members, profile, PMs, and logout larger

-Make a search box to the left of the "Forum" icon rather than the "Search" icon

-include forums for some other popular games such as MoH and BFBC2

-Make some more specific sub-forums inside the forums [i.e. Inside the "CoD:WaW Forum," make other forums like "CoD:WaW Multiplayer," "CoD:WaW Nazi Zombies," "CoD:WaW Campaign," "CoD:WaW Modding," etc.] (This should make it much easier to navigate, but might be a little time consuming.)

-Give some greater perks for becoming a Gold Member such as downloads for programs made for modding, editing photos and videos, etc. and maybe chances for modded lobbies or something like that.

-Allow a smaller commitment for Gold such as $5 a month, $15 or $20 for 6 months, and $25 or $30 for a year. You could make it so the year is by far the best deal, making people want to buy it, but they could also buy shorter-term membership if they don't have the money or just want to try Gold out.

-Make me a mod as I think I give good suggestions and could greatly help this community as it [hopefully] starts to grow!(:

EDIT: I also just noticed the "Private Message" icon says "MP" rather than "PM," so that should be changed!

EDIT: I also think that having a gaming news sort of thing like The Tech Game has on its homepage would be cool.

EDIT: I have my preference for "Always Attach Signature" set to "Yes," but it doesn't seem to work. Every time I post I need to put in BBCode for my signature.

P.S. Sorry, I keep editing/adding on to the list, I just keep noticing things that I think need fixing/could use improvement.

Just trying to help! Very Happy

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PostSubject: Re: Post Suggestions Here!(:   Sat Jul 24, 2010 2:50 pm

um i think their needs to be a modding program section for normal members too...
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Post Suggestions Here!(:
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